All Diet Plans are Uploaded!

So the website is complete minus the Consultations Page which will be coming soon.


Thank you everyone for the “Likes” and comments about the content found on The People’s Nutritionist. Based on information provided Google Analytics about 1,000 people visited the website in just a few days! Your feedback will definitely help me improve.


I wanted to take some time to address the “Donation” option in relation to the diet plans. I know this can often be regarded as “The Elephant in the Room” especially here in the United States. Giving my work to the public for free was definitely a hard final decision. Every single individual I spoke with about the diet plans told me that I should sell them. From a business standpoint they were definitely right but my move to release them for free was more about my values and ethics.


For my full-time job I work with people who live at or below the poverty level and I wanted them to have access. To me, getting everybody healthy is important because the benefits to society come full circle. With less people sick we can all enjoy reduced healthcare costs, higher productivity, and better relationships with others and the environment.


With that said, most of you reading this post know that I am pursuing my Master’s Degree. The prices of college tuition are so high that it is a crime against humanity and I vowed to never take out loans again for an education. I am financing my degree out of my own pocket and therefore the reason why I am asking all of you for donations IF YOU CAN.


Don’t feel like you have to give so much. Just $1 can go a long way when we consider that hundreds if not thousands of people will be visiting The People’s Nutritionist weekly. Need that $1 for a carton of eggs or a loaf of whole-wheat bread? BUY IT!!! Already donating to charities, non-profits, or other individuals in need? Then don’t worry about donating to me.


Think of me as a street performer whose violin playing or rhythmic voice captured your soul. Throw a buck or 2 into my hat. It’s a virtual hat called Go Fund Me but the concept is the same.


For the skeptical individual that doubts I’m telling the truth about my school woes, I have attached for you my very 1st ebill from Texas Woman’s University.



TWU eBill




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